October 27, 2011

San Francisco.


San Francisco, Rules of Attraction style:
Ultimately, we arrived in San Francisco. We marveled at the views overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, walked through Chinatown where we inexplicably heard a lot of 80s power ballads, went to a speak easy with friends where the password to get in was "boner torpedo", ate burritos at El Farolito and were serenaded by mariachi, got Tintype portraits taken at Photobooth (more on that in another post), left a debit card in an ATM (Dave), received a bit of a sunburn walking from SoMa to Fisherman's Wharf and back, subsequently got blistered feet (Whitney), pressed pennies any chance we could, had breakfast at Brenda's French Soul Food complete with watermelon sweet tea and crayfish beignets, Picasso and mean security guards at the De Young Museum, Whitney got motion sickness inside the planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences and then fell asleep during the hour long program, randomly came upon the Legion of Honor with the Dutch Masters and "The Mourners" exhibits, enjoyed a perfect evening dinner of pizza and wine at a sidewalk cafe, the infamous Bi-Rite Creamery for ice cream gluttony, we watched tourists traveling on Segways (seriously what's with all the Segways?), spent a drunken afternoon at La Mar that resulted in Whitney shopping at Madewell (hello, new chartreuse silk blouse), enjoyed coffee, cappuccinos and artisan donuts at Sight Glass Coffee, and came across two dozen dogs at China Beach going crazy in the surf and sand. Thank you, San Francisco.