November 18, 2011

Happy Friday!

Monterey Bay Aquarium / September 2011 / Polaroid 600 film

November 7, 2011

Tintype Portraits.

There were only a few places in San Francisco that we really wanted to visit while we were there. One of those places was Photobooth. Featuring all things analog, it's pretty much the coolest space on the West Coast. A gallery space, analog photo shop (they sell Impossible Project film!) and portrait studio all in one, they specialize in making tintype and polaroid portraits. The tintype process still escapes us a bit, so to learn more about it click here. Our tintypes were taken on our last evening in San Francisco. From start to finish, the entire process only took about half an hour, but we were having so much fun talking shop with owners Vince and Michael, that we ended up staying a couple hours. If you find yourself in San Francisco soon, be sure to go get tintyped. You won't regret it.