January 20, 2011

Ch ch changes

Dave is in San Diego for the next few days, so I’m using the alone time to get organized… because we’re moving three weeks from today! We found an apartment with great natural light (very important) that looks out on a tree lined park in the Nob Hill area of town. The timing is perfect, as the trees will be blooming beautiful pink blossoms in a month or two. It will be like living in a pink blossomed snow globe for a few weeks. Well, I like to imagine that anyway. The apartment is on the top floor, so we will no longer be awoken at 3:30 a.m. by the apartment drunk who resides above Dave. Lady Gaga is cool and all, but not at 3:30 a.m. on a Wednesday morning. In addition to shorting out the entire buildings electricity, said drunk also flooded her bathroom, which subsequently flooded Dave’s. I feel sorry for whoever moves in below that hot mess and gets to inherit her special treats. Don’t worry though, apartment successor - she comes with a noise complaint free of charge. One more and she’s out of there!  

Having spent my entire Portland life on the inner eastside, I am looking forward to calling a different area of town home. My middle school pipe dream was to live in NW and now 15 years later, I’m finally doing it. Of course twelve-year-old Whitney only wanted to live in NW to be close to Urban Outfitters. Now it beckons me due to its proximity to my workplace. Does this mean I’m getting old? If that doesn’t, I think the fact I got excited picking out a new soap pump for our bathroom does. Its milk glass, guys.

While I hate packing (does anyone not?), I am very excited to unpack and create a cozy nest of sorts.  New color schemes, organizing, (some) new furniture, maybe even a polaroid wall? Stay tuned… 

*Polaroid taken 3/2/2007. Coincidentally, it was taken on the exact same street we are moving too. 


  1. congratulations on your new apartment! moving is so stressful but moving into a new/better apt with perfect light and someone special makes up for the craziness! and i love how you took that polaroid on the same street. it's fate ;)

  2. Thanks Leila! We've been waiting since October to move (we decided to wait until after the holidays), so I'm glad it's almost here. Thankfully we only have to move Dave's things 5 blocks :)

  3. So excited for you guys! It's really fun to get a fresh start, and your new place sounds amazing. Can't wait to see photos. :-) Cheers!

  4. Actually, I like packing, and I like moving. Maybe I'm strange, but I think it's fun. Gives me an opportunity to get rid of things I've been keeping around, that I clearly don't need, and a chance to start over - start fresh - somewhere else. New memories, and such.

    I'm excited for you two! I hope it's as wonderful for both of you as it sounds. :)

  5. Who wouldn't get excited about milk glass!? For reals.

  6. you're such an adult. I don't have a soap pump in the bathroom - just the plastic soap thing...