March 20, 2011

Weekend Snippets

Things we did this weekend:
-Went to opening day of the Portland Farmers' Market, where we bought Swiss chard, daffodils and French breakfast radishes. Dave also stuffed his face on that delicious sausage above - you know, that thing hiding under the peppers and onions.
-Ran into our new friend Allison, who we met last week in "real life" after being friends on Twitter for the last several months.
-Ate a late lunch at Circa 33. A fried chicken sandwich with apple smoked bacon and Swiss for Dave, a Bourbon pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw for me.
-Watched the MLS debut of the Portland Timbers, while throwing back a few cocktails with some friends at Beulahland. Unfortunately, the Timbers lost 3-1.
-We were asked to provide a "Top 10" for a blog we really enjoy, Orange Juice, ETC. You can check out our list here. And be sure to check out their photography over on Flickr.
-I also shot my first roll with my Lubitel 166. Hopefully the roll I pick up tomorrow at Pro Photo Supply won't be entire blank and blurry.  I'm aiming for 1 out of 12 shots. That's doable, right?

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend. We hope yours was too!


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! Looking foward to see the film pictures, good luck!!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. I'm sorry to hear the Timbers let you down. The UW Huskies did the same to me yesterday. And I'm totally looking forward to seeing those Lubitel shots!

  3. I always take note of how pretty rainbow chard is at the market. I love seeing these. Portland life-seems fresh. Fingers crossed on that roll with your Lubitel.

  4. we are so far from radishes or even outdoor market yet here.
    these are all so good-especially you laughing with your head thrown back, and you and dave in the mirrors.
    i have a frozen-bike photo i think i'll put up in contrast.

    and, i always say i just want ONE good picture out of twelve. but my girls know i'm lying. i want them all to be good.;)

    hi. i'm tara.

  5. Fantastic photos! My favorite is the Scooter shot with your happy faces in the mirrors.

  6. every weekend should be like this.

  7. that sounds absolutely delightful.

  8. Very cool shots. Now I'm hungry.

  9. i love all of these. especially the one of whitney laughing. so good.